Applying Soft Wax

Clear Soft Wax

Chalk Paint® Wax is the perfect complement for Chalk Paint® paint. In fact, we’d say it’s an essential partner! It adds durability, deepens the colors and gives a very slight sheen. The wax bonds with the chalk paint® and gives it great durability that protects your paint and your piece! But if in need, repairs are quickly and easily made with just a bit of wax rubbed into the marked areas.

  • It's best to take a spoon and scoop some wax on a paper plate. Make sure only the tips of your wax brush bristles have wax on them - there should not be wax covering up the side of the brush.
  • Apply a thin even layer of wax; making sure to get into any grooves or crevices that may be on your piece.
  • When you apply the wax, "push" it into your Chalk Paint for the best results. Think hand cream - and apply it in the same way! Work small areas at a time, in about 1 foot sections, so the wax doesn't dry before you get to work it in. Some people prefer to use a circular motion when applying the wax.
  • Remove excess wax with lint free cloths. Change to a clean cloth frequently as an old one can become clogged with wax and become ineffective.
  • Less is more, so there’s no need to apply wax too thickly.
  • The Wax will be dry to the touch very quickly but take longer to harden "cure". The curing process can take 5-21 days depending on ambient temperature.
  • If you want to achieve a really good shine, you will need to buff your piece. Allow the wax to dry before buffing. You will know when the wax is dry when the surface no longer feels cool or damp to the touch. This can be as little as 10-20 minutes, but 2 hours or even overnight can sometimes be best. But don't let it go over 24 hours *Don't leave the wax on too long before buffing. It simply is harder to buff out. If this happens, it can easily be corrected by applying another thin coat of wax and waiting the appropriate amount of time before buffing.

Applying two thin coats of Soft Wax is best. It is nearly impossible, even for a professional, to apply a single coat of wax evenly and without missing a spot. Applying "a little bit more" wax will insure complete wax protection, improving the performance of the wax.

Applying Dark or Black Soft Wax

To bring out brushstrokes or for an aged effect, work Dark, Black or White Chalk Paint® Waxes into crevices, wiping it back with Clear Wax to achieve your perfect result. Always apply a coat of Clear Wax before you apply colored waxes – this will allow you to control the color.

Push the darker wax into any nooks and crannies and the texture of the underlying brushstrokes and remove the excess wax with a lint free cloth.

For a lighter look of the colored wax, place a small amount of clear was on a clean cloth and wipe over the finish to remove some of the darker color, leaving it in just the recesses.

Click here to watch this video on how to apply dark wax

The Curing Process

After you’ve applied Chalk Paint® Wax, you’ll find that it will become dry to the touch very quickly. At this stage, it is still what you might call ‘soft’. It will start to harden as the solvents in the wax evaporate. This hardening process is known as ‘curing’. Curing can take between 5 and 21 days depending on ambient temperature.

Of course, you can use your finished piece straight away, but you may need to treat it with extra care up until the wax has cured completely (you might want to use coasters, avoid sharp objects etc). Once cured, a piece of furniture finished with Chalk Paint® and finished with wax will stand up to normal wear and tear.

Chalk Paint® Wax is food-safe when completely cured.


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