Color Wash

Annie Sloan Color Wash

To achieve this look, choose two different colors.
One color for the base coat and the other for your wash color.

Follow the directions below.
**If you are not familiar on how to apply the wax, you can refer to our section on How to Apply Soft Wax

  1. Paint your piece with a base coat and let it dry.
  2. For your color wash, choose a different color paint. Mix a small amount of paint in a cup. For every 1 part paint add 1/2 to 1 part water. Mix well. A little goes a long way.
  3. Then using a lint free cloth, gently wipe off the color wash in a straight line. As the cloth removes some of the color wash it will make interesting lines or stripes on your piece. You can go over your piece if your lines are wavy. Just don’t overwork it.
  4. Let it dry completely.
  5. Apply Clear Wax
  6. Apply Dark Wax (optional)


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